Send Flowers and Get Filled with Positive Energy

flowers for positive energy
Flowers for Positive Energy

Is it by sending or receiving flowers that we get filled with positive energy? Both the ways it is true. By giving or sending we are getting escalated above selfishness. It is not for any profit that the sender does it. He feels a positive energy in giving away the best to someone. Here he does not expect or ask for anything in return. He just wants to feel the joy of giving. He automatically receives a positive energy back from the recipient. He is silently communicating that, “I am thinking about you” and the recipient gets to know about through the flowers that got delivered to her place. Recipient also gets filled with positive energy on that day. Whenever she sees those flowers on table the same feeling gets repeated. Even after the flowers getting died, thoughts about it bring positive energy to her.

When a fresh thought comes to the mind about sending flowers to someone that is a motivation to do an unselfish act. Obviously there would be reason for that thought. It may be birthday or wedding anniversary. It may be a desire in his mind to marry a girl that leads to the decision of sending flowers for the first time. Positive energy is the aliveness that the sender is receiver feels inside, with the entire being. When filled with that energy decisions are easier, words are clear, strength is more, actions are faster and thoughts are lead by a power. Cells of body get rejuvenated and mind works only on the essential matters. Fear gets replaced with love which is equal to the same force of positive energy.

Emotions fluctuate and thoughts bring various feelings that may bring happiness or sadness. Worries and anxieties also may rule the life if the energy of the universe is not playing a vital role. I am not telling that flowers alone would do all the magic of love and joy in life. But sending flowers is one of the most effective methods of building natural peace within human being. There need not be a specific reason to send flowers other than making the other person joyous. Sender feels the joy and positive energy that is required for the day. Love that is received in the process gets added to the life account of both the parties.



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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