Quick Delivery of Huge Basket of Fresh Lilies Roses

huge basket of fresh lilies roses delivered
Huge Basket of 125 Flowers

Quick Delivery of Huge Basket of Fresh Lilies Roses in Dubai is now a Reality!

Do a neatly arranged huge basket of fresh lilies and roses delivered within the minimum time in Dubai seem difficult? This question might engage a lot of nodding in the affirmative particularly when we know that most of the flower shops in Dubai may find it difficult when asked to deliver such a big basket quickly within few hours. The reason is simple—most of the online florists do not have own outlet and delivery system to execute such orders fast! This is a discussion about how you can communicate your best wishes with a vibrant combination lilies and roses in 2 colors made as a huge basket arrangement irrespective of the distance or the trafficked routes.

The Reality Check

In the recent past, there has been a spurt in the number of physical and online flower stores across Dubai. However many of them have a limited reach in terms of door delivery. Many are experts as walk in shop and thus cannot answer requirements with double-digit miles to be covered. Other florists may have a flawed supply chain with no system in place to provide fresh flowers. This arrangement that we are discussing about has 125 fresh blooms of oriental lilies and roses in 2 colors that gets prepared within 1 hour.

The Traffic Issue and Slow Delivery

Perhaps the most critical problem lies in rising traffic volumes in Dubai, creating resistance to fast deliveries. Though Dubai is an international metropolis, the growth of vehicles has surged beyond all calculations. At peak hours, Dubai roads seem choked. Efforts have been made by authorities to ease the roads by introducing toll system, metro railways and recently trams. Flower delivery is possible only by dedicated, refrigerated van or car. Such a huge basket of fresh lilies roses need to be carried with utmost care not to lose its shape and freshness. It is being arranged in a suitable willow basket with watered sponge fitted inside. Fix the time at which it need to reach the agreed address and decide the route to reach on time is the method.

An Example for Better Understanding

If a flower delivery gets stuck at one of the many bottlenecks associated with Shindagha Tunnel, is there an escape route? You need to be a seasoned player in this service of flowers delivery to know how to avoid the tailbacks. It takes a team of expert drivers who understand how to maneuver between traffic coming from three different directions. Last week the lady who called from Burj Khalifa Residence was clear on what she wanted- A huge basket of oriental lilies with roses in red and white color presented nicely with suitable fillers. She wanted to take it herself to Blue Tower at Sheikh Zayed Road for a function. But we suggested a direct delivery to the place where it was required as it is seriously difficult for her to handle such a huge basket of fresh lilies roses. Outside assistance may spoil the arrangement. So we fixed a time to reach Blue Tower at 3.45 PM. Customer was delighted by the flowers as well as the delivery reached on sharp time as committed.

 Positive People have always got a solution!

Please understand that the problem of congested roads is common for all florists attempting a timely delivery of fresh flowers in Dubai. Adapting to the circumstances and still making a timely delivery is not everyone’s cup of tea! But the fact remains that when you want to send a huge basket of fresh lilies roses in Dubai, you have to do required things beyond the obvious. Let us accept the challenge of preparing huge basket in less time with fresh flowers. Let us deliver the promise by finding best solution and right route. Thinking and acting positive is the secret of our success in executing such orders. Use this online system and send more positive messages and flowers to friends, relatives and associates.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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