Send a Bouquet of Premium Orchids to Dubai


Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet

Orchids available for flowers delivery in Dubai are of many types, and colors. Arrangements as gift can be made in different styles, like hand bouquet, glass vase arrangement, short vase arrangement or a large basket using the most premium orchids along with other flowers. Orchid plants with flowers are also often selected as gift for delivery.

Following are the types of orchids for delivery in Dubai

1)      Cymbidium Orchids- These are the most premium and long stemmed orchids available in white, pink, green and yellow colors. Mostly they will have a height of 60 to 70 CMs and are very elegant suitable for an exclusive gift.

2)      Dendrobium Orchids- These are short stemmed variety of orchids commonly available in white, purple and pink colors. White orchids are colored to get blue orchids that can be used for baby boy arrangements.

3)      Mokara Orchids- Available in purple, yellow, orange and red colors.

Type of Flower Arrangements that can be made with Orchids

a)      Long stem hand bouquet of single cymbidium orchid or multiple stems as per the required size, in any color as per the occasion or customer choice. See the sample of white cymbidium orchid bouquet.

b)      Dendrobium Orchids arranged in a short vase. This can be in white or purple color and a reasonably good size of arrangement with cheapest price including delivery in Dubai. See a sample arrangement of purple orchids in short vase.

c)       Mokara Orchids can be arranged in a short vase with an excellent presentation in any of the available colors. Customer can order online for mokara orchids and get the same delivered in Dubai.

d)      Orchids can be used in other large stand arrangements or basket arrangements to give a style for presentation.

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