Flowers, Not Only Butterflies Love Them

Butterflies and human love flowers

Lovable Flowers

No doubt butterflies love flowers for the honey that it provides. Butterfly approaches the flower, takes out the nectar without doing any harm in the process and move ahead. It takes only a little from one and move on to another one as if the other one will complain for not visiting. Human beings also love flowers not for the honey but for its beauty and fragrance. Usage may be many but flowers are loved when alive just for its unmatched appearance.

Butterflies love the live flowers dazzling on its stem, but often human need to cut them away to present to the dear one. There are middle men who make it possible like whole sales, retailers and online shops selling flowers. Otherwise how is it possible for the people living in hot countries like UAE to get beautiful tulips from cold weather countries like Holland? Same as butterflies move from one to another flower, they move from hand to hand and finally reach someone who admires it.

Children as well as adults of any age love to see and experience flowers especially when received as gift. A bunch of roses or lilies can convey a lot of love and joy to others. They can evoke emotions so easily with the charm, brightness and softness. Love for flowers that are received is often equal to love for the person who sent it. Here both the sender and recipient both love the medium that is being selected. Every day is beautiful when such love exists in good relationships.

Lovers use them often to express the secret desire or feelings as and when get evolved. Husband talks to wife through these lovely flowers when they want to remove slightest of misunderstandings. Who does not love the flowers that are received on a birthday or wedding? It not only enhances the ambience of a celebration venue but sweetly welcomes every one!

Wedding is an event where flowers make the best decoration of the venue. Bridal bouquets and garlands and gifts are all made of fresh flowers. Birthday celebrations also use real flowers for decoration and presents. One single reason why it is being accepted everywhere in the world is the love for flowers by human beings, male and female. Even when someone dies the last ceremonies make use of flowers as essential.

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