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Thoughts for the day can brighten up your day just as fresh flowers does.

What You Give and Receive in Return

More of What You Send Comes Back Another Day. What we have gained or achieved is not only ourselves.  We have attracted them by our power or desire. They belonged to someone else just before it changed the ownership.  It is to use for our benefit happiness or pleasure that we gain all these things. […]

Spread the Message Eternal Joy is Purpose of Life

Enjoy every moment of life without expecting anything else than the original purpose for which we are being created. There was surely no benefit in the mind of creator than just experiencing the joy. Later in our life more and more purposes were added. We became ambitious, selfish and made our own world within. Real […]

Flowers Exhibit Prosperity and Peace

It is the repetitive useless and negative thoughts that bring hardships to human beings. Prayers and worships can bring some relief by keeping mind in tranquility for some time. We can see the flowers are used in most of the worships and holy occasions. As a pure form of creation they are believed to be […]

Prepare for the Day to be Filled with Flowers of Peace

Final purpose of every human being is to achieve a peaceful and joyous life. People struggle all the day to achieve this but often forget the real purpose when get too busy in the process. We need to remind ourselves and those around us about this true purpose often. Flowers of peace are being created […]

Seven Colors of Life Represented in Fresh Flowers

Human life is like a beautiful flower, gentle and colorful. While gifting fresh flowers sender is actually conveying this great message and sharing this knowledge to the recipient.  He is communicating silently that let us forget all the worldly affairs and live in complete peace at least some hours a day. Each flower color has […]

Flowers Remind About Our Life …..

 Jesus said: Look at the lily flowers in the field; how do they grow and flowers gets bloomed. They do not toil nor do they spin, but the creator of this universe takes care of them. Flowers are beautiful creation of God. They have not been given a mind to think and thus they do […]

Problems and solutions in relationships

The best solution for any problem can be found out through the miracle working power of your subconscious mind. If you give the work of finding out the right solution for a particular problem to your subconscious mind and give some time, you will be surprised to discover the solution. Best time to put a […]

Bless, Inspire and Love and Send Flowers

Bless, inspire, help and support others. Be co-operative, lovable, joyous and friendly with all those are known to you. When you think good about others, good follows and the same is true with evil also. When you do good to others, you are doing the same to you. Try to love and send flowers to […]

Success means happy living.

You are successful when you are peaceful and happy in your life. You feel light when you do what you love to do. Real happiness and peace is in doing what you love to do. Select the thoughts and actions that you love. When you determine to become successful, your subconscious mind will support you […]

Thoughts to Happiness

You have full control on your thoughts . If your thoughts are wise, your actions also would be wise. Ensure that small and unimportant matters does not take away your thoughts. Ensure that your thoughts are not against other people. Know that your main purpose is happiness and thoughts should be directed towards it. Your […]