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Thoughts for the day can brighten up your day just as fresh flowers does.

Flowers Say; Patience Pays

When things are beyond control, only what can be effective is patient waiting till getting flowers and fruits as reward. It is the graceful response to the situation that leads to a turn around. After a long waiting the favorite plant would blossom one day and give birth to amazing blooms. Send flowers to someone […]

Gift a Bouquet, Get a Smile

Smile expresses happiness and shows a bright face radiating positive energy. Most of the people receiving flowers would surely smile expressing the inner beauty. A lonely person or someone suffering by a loss or sickness can feel some ease by holding a beautiful bouquet. Perhaps someone is in need of some care or attention and […]

Heavenly Experience of Life

  When we are content about what is available that gives the feeling of heaven. When we are highly angry about what is happening in life that gives the feeling of hell. It is the thoughts, words and actions that lead to these situations. We need to nurture good qualities and make great efforts to […]

A Long Journey in Happiness

Life itself needs to be happiness and there is no such specific destination where we can derive happiness. There may be stops but again starts and thus the journey has different experiences. But we need to find and experience happiness throughout the going. You may or may not get the right companion to spend the […]

Responsibilities and Expectations

Today let us share a few thoughts on responsibilities and expectations that stay back even when the friendship dims in a relationship. Both are shared and expressed often, failing which there will be problems surfacing. It may be social or personal responsibility that keeps two persons together many times. It may be the right of […]

Grow Good Relationships Sending Flowers

A friendship, marital relation, love affair or any other types of close relationship between two people need fostering from both the sides.  In order to nurture positive qualities that the participants like, they need to appreciate, convey gratitude and communicate well. One of the best ways to boost the spirits of love within is to […]

No Pain only Gain

Pain is part of life but how do each one of us deal with it differs from person to person. It can be physical or emotional or sometimes both. The strength of each person to bear it differs and mostly depends on understanding as well. In addition to the awareness, the support from outside, from […]

Surrender by Sending Flowers

Is there any better way to surrender to another person in a relationship than sending flowers? Not known to us so far. Many of the people really wishing to continue a good relationship just surrender by softening the ego. Sometimes, expectations are not met, and thus leading to disappointments or disagreements between spouse, friends or relatives. […]

Gift from the Nature

Nature smiles through flowers. Not only that, they help human beings to smile and make their fellow beings also rejoice. When you want to celebrate, convey happiness, share the sweetness of success, express forgiveness, or to apologize nature stands along. Flowers smiles at the birth of a baby and shed tears with you at the […]

Power of Forgiveness

To forgive others means to forget the recordings in our mind and thus feel free. To recall hatred or ill will surely cause damage to the purpose of living. We can’t change the past but can very well forget willfully. This forgetting with awareness is forgiving. That generates positive vibrations which can wipe out the […]