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Different types of flower arrangements for delivery in Dubai.

Rose flowers as gift on any occasion in Dubai

Roses are the most preferred and appreciated flowers anywhere in the world. In other words can say rose flowers are the most popular variety in  the universe. They are liked for the beautiful shape and mesmerizing color. Several petals in perfect order make them smile wider as it opens up. Some types have fragrance but […]

Real Flowers Vs Artificial Flowers as gift

Artificial flowers are imitation of natural flowers to get it at less cost for a much longer life. Real flowers are created by the nature and it lives only for a few days of blooming. It adds to the beauty of the nature and in turn makes human beings refreshed and happier. Real flowers are […]

Take good care of cut flowers to make them live longer

Some people buy cut flowers to keep in their living or bed room. Some gets them as gift from a relative or friend. Anybody would love these beautiful creation of God to live as many as days possible. Fresh flowers will live longer if you take care of them the following ways. 1) If the […]

How to arrange orchids flowers for a gift in Dubai?

Orchid flowers are loved by many, for its beauty and purity. They are available in many colors and varieties. Dendrobium, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, mokara are the most common type of orchids available in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are available in different colors like white, purple, red, orange, green and yellow. Phalaenopsis plants with white flowers […]

Where can you get stand arrangements for an opening ceremony in Dubai?

Dubai is a preferred location for companies across the world to open and operate their branch office. When a Company inaugurate a new office in Dubai or move to a new location there will be a grand opening ceremony inviting the associates, clients and all other related people. A big flower arrangement inside the office […]

Things to know when you buy a hand bouquet of fresh flowers

A hand bouquet of fresh flowers is a bunch of same variety or different varieties of flowers put together. This makes a perfect gift on any occasion to anyone. But the color, size, and the flower type need to be selected as per the occasion and also the age and sex of the recipient. 1) […]

Is it better to arrange flowers in glass vase

Flowers can be arranged in many different ways. If the arrangement need to last for a week it is better to arrange them in a glass vase. Advantage is that, flowers stems can be inserted to the water directly. The user can take out the flowers and change water after 2-3 days to make sure […]

How to make flower basket arrangement?

To get different varieties of flowers, foliage, basket, foams etc to make the flower basket arrangement yourself would be difficult. So the easiest way is to visit the nearest flower shop and get it made as per the requirement. Take care of the below, when you get a flower basket made for delivery. Basket that […]

Real Flowers – Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding is a most important occasion of any one’s life. It is the beginning of a new life for those who are getting married and it is an opportunity for their friends and relatives to express their love and affection. Wedding ceremony, related functions and reception makes the event memorable forever. Many of the relatives […]

3 Type of Flower Arrangements

3 Types of Flower Arrangements for Delivery in Dubai To select the most suitable flowers by its color and size and to arrange the same in a particular style and size is an art. A combination of different types or multiple stems of same type is arranged in a suitable style to give it the […]